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Winter Light

WINTER LIGHT - New Tasmanian photo book by Grant Dixon

I've been exploring the Tasmanian wilderness for some 40 years and undertaking trips to the mountains in winter for much of that time, capturing images featuring both grand vistas and intimate details of the winter landscape.

I'm publishing a high quality, hard cover photographic book in the Tasmanian tradition of fine art productions and of using photography to activate awareness of the environment. The book features 89 images, captured over several decades, of the Tasmanian mountain landscape in winter.

In his foreword, writer and photographer David Neilson states,"this exceptional collection of alpine images clearly reveals Grant’s outstanding artistic vision. ..... The human spirit desperately needs wilderness and Grant’s photos speak to us passionately of that need."


The environment

There is real potential for the Tasmanian alpine environment as we now know it, its ecological communities and its ephemeral snow cover, to disappear under the onslaught of human-induced climate change. My book illustrates the Tasmanian mountains in their winter setting and reflects on whether the places’ biota and frigid scenery will be there in many more decades. I also muse if opportunities for the personal challenge that my trips represent will be maintained, given development threats to wild places regardless of their reserve status.


The book

"Grant Dixon’s WINTER LIGHT displays superb photographs of wild and remote Tasmania in its most splendid season. WINTER LIGHT will be taken down time and again from the centre of this wilderness-lover’s bookshelf." Bob Brown

WINTER LIGHT is a top quality, hard cover, 30cm x 23.5cm, 120 page, FSC-certified paper, fine art book.
It will be available in November 2020.



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